This Is Where The Love Happens

I am fortunate to have my own teaching space, which isn’t the case for most teachers at my school.  We share all of our spaces, but some of those rooms are designated for certain grade levels.  I am a class coordinator, which is a fancy title for homeroom teacher.  Since I am a 6th grade homeroom teacher, I request that my classes be in my homeroom so that I can be present as much as possible for the students in my homeroom.  (I teach 6th and 8th grade classes.) Notice on the far left of the picture is Pickles, the class mascot.  Each grade at our school received a mascot in 5th grade from the 8th grade students.

IMG_5950In the back right corner there is a bookshelf with games for the homeroom.  Although the students have iPads, we have a no technology policy in the morning and encourage them to play games or chat with each other. The binders belong to the students. (I am still missing quite a few!) As we finish each unit of the year, I will be asking students to store their materials in the binder that lives in the homeroom.  I also store some math manipulatives on this shelf.

IMG_5951On the middle wall, right side there are white boards available for students to use as needed or requested by me.  These boards also hook onto the sides of the tables and hang.  They also act as dividers on the tables when students are taking assessments.  Next to that are the iPad storage/charging racks.  Right now the homeroom students are required to leave their iPads at school each night while plugged in to charge.

I keep two tables together to make a group of four seats. Each table has a small bin to put pencils, scissors and other utensils in. All of the furniture is on wheels so the seating is quite flexible. (Although I don’t change the room around too often.) During each of my classes I put a folder on the table with sticky notes of each student telling them where to sit. Sticky notes have made changing seats very easy and the students now expect it when they come into the classroom.  The front of my room has a projector and a screen, although I wish the projector was lined up to the whiteboard and not the screen.  I lose 6 inches at the top of the screen that can’t be written on.

The front of the room has lots of information for students. Next to the shelves on the left, where I keep students supplies and lots of math textbooks and resources, we have a monthly calendar and the grade level created goals for the year.  The homeroom list and emergency policies are there as well. On the right on the front door we post tech guidelines, student and sport schedules. On the far right is a mix of student and teacher space, although mostly teacher space. The smaller shelves will eventually be filled with portfolio storage binders that the homeroom students store in the room throughout the year.

The room is warm and welcoming… sometimes too warm.  Like when the heat gets trapped in the room and we get no circulation even with the door and windows open. Sigh…. but I still love my space.



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